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CASTING CALL for Big Biting Pig Productions next project!

Big Biting Pig Productions’ next project, a feature-length film --Title to be announced on June 28th--, will be shooting later this
year (2014).


Filming is scheduled to take place approximately August through November of 2014.  Shooting will take place mostly on weekends. The majority of filming will take place
in the region of Hopkins County KY.  

This is a non-union production. These particular roles that are available are non-paying, non-union roles. However, you can be
assured that your work will see a finished production, film festivals, various distribution platforms and an IMDB credit for anyone who is cast.

This will be Big Biting Pig Productions' 9th Feature Film to date. All of our movies have some form of distribution.

Our latest movie, The Caretakers, which features Joe Estevez and Bill "Leatherface" Johnson will be premiering on
Saturday, June 28th, 2014.

 Audition day and time:

Saturday,  July 12th, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time

Auditions will be in Madisonville, KY, and are by appointment only.


Please do not send your email without following the instructions below

1. In the subject line of the email put YOUR NAME, AGE & SEX followed by the word “Audition”

(example:  Jane Smith, 35, Female -Audition)

2. Include a head shot and resume - Please do not send a resume without sending a head shot along with it. If you don't have a professional head shot, don't worry. Just use
a snap shot.

3. In the body of the email please list the following:

a.) Your Name

b.) Your Age

c.) Your Sex

d.) Where you live

e.) Approximate driving distance from Madisonville KY

4. Send your email to:

We will schedule an audition time for you and give you further instructions, information and location at that time.

EXTRAS: If you are only interested in being an extra, please follow the instructions above but use the word EXTRA in the subject line instead of AUDITION (example:
Jane Smith, 35, Female - Extra) and we'll get back to you with more information. We can use extras anywhere from age 16 and up, both female & male.

CREW: We are always looking for dedicated, reliable crew members. If interested, email us at the same address with “Crew” followed by YOUR NAME, AGE & SEX in
the subject line (example: Crew, Jane Smith, 35, Female)

If you're interested in both Cast and/or Crew, please send two separate emails.


This feature film is a female “mad scientist” movie with a plot that revolves around brain experimentation. The roles we are casting are primary, secondary, and background

Casting needs include:


   3 women who look in the age range of 18-28
   2 woman who look in the age range of 45-55
   2 women who look in the age range of 30-40
   We have several secondary female roles in age ranges from 20 to 60, both speaking and non-speaking.  Most of the secondary female roles will require a one or two day
film commitment; some may require more.


   2 men who look in the age range of 18-23
   1 man who looks in the age range of 25-33
   2 men who look in the age range of 35-45
   2 men who look in the age range of 50-65
   We have several secondary male roles in age ranges from 20 to 65, both speaking and non-speaking.  Most of the secondary male roles will require a one or two day film
commitment; some may require more


THE CARETAKERS - Trailers Released
Two trailers for The Caretakers have been released.
You can see them both right now by

Every Monday from now until the World Premiere of The Caretakers on June 28th,
we will be releasing 2 new Screen Shots from the movie!
You can check out the latest ones right now by

HORROR SOCIETY INTERVIEW with Steve Hudgins, PJ Woodside, Bill Johnson & Joe Estevez!
Big Biting Pig Productions' Steve Hudgins & PJ Woodside were interviewed by Horror Society Radio
and were joined byBill "Leatherface" Johnson & Joe Estevez to talk "The Caretakers" among  other things!
You can listen to the entire interview by
The interview starts at the 30 minute mark

THE CARETAKERS official poster released
The World Premiere of The Caretakers is June 28th and will take place in Madisonville KY

THE CREEPY DOLL now streaming on Amazon Prime
Big Biting Pig Productions 2011 release, The Creepy Doll, is now
available via streaming on Amazon Prime!
You can also see it on You Tube's movie channel and on Google Plus.
CLICK HERE to check out The Creepy Doll streaming page!

THE CARETAKERS to World Premiere on June 28th, 2014
The World Premiere of Big Biting Pig Productions next movie "The Caretakers" will take place on Saturday, June 28th 2014.
The Premiere will take place in Madisonville KY.
All other details concerning the premiere will be announced in the early part of 2014!
Be sure to clear that date on your calendar!

STRANGE AMUSEMENTS interviews "Lucid" writer & director PJ Woodside
Be sure to check out this great detailed interview with PJ Woodside!
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BITING PIG PRODUCTIONS wins 2013 Kentucky Filmmakers of the Year Award
Big Biting Pig Productions brought home the award for 2013 Kentucky Filmmakers of the Year
at this years Fandomfest in Louisville KY!

BIG BITING PIG featured in Sony's 2013 NAB
Big Biting Pig Productions had the honor of being included in Sony's 2013 NAB Reel!
You can watch the reel right now by
clicking here!

Spirit Stalkers top 31 Horror Films of past year!
Spirit Stalkers was chosen as one of the top 31 horror films released in the past year by A'int It Cool News! Having been released just 4 months ago, Spirit Stalkers has
quickly become Big Biting Pig Productions fastest seller & most popular movie to date!

HELL IS FULL mentioned in Maxim Magazine

Hell is Full is listed as one of the "Best 66 Horror Films You've Never Seen" in the October issue of Maxim Magazine! Pictures can be seen by clicking here.